JAD CASH Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Accept Payment Directly into your JAD account from your Online Store!

Single License - 1 Year Updates & Support

Available in

3 Easy Steps

  1. Upload plugin
  2. Install & Activate
  3. Add JAD keys


Answers to questions you may have

This plugin is a WooCommerce extension payment gateway for JAD CASH.

This plugin works like most other payment gateways on the market. It creates a bridge (gateway) or a means for person to receive funds from their websites to their JAD Account.

This plugin is ONLY the payment gateway or payment extension for WooCommerce. You will need a Woo Commerce and a JAD account. JAD will provide you with a Cleint ID, Client Secret Key and JAD Number for this plugin to work. For more information see:

It is not difficult at all. No technical skills are require. It is as easy as

  1. Downloading the plugin from a link provided after purchased
  2. Uploading the plugin to your website via WordPress backend plugin uploader or FTP
  3. Installing and Activating the Plugin
  4. Enabling JAD CASH as the primary payment method
  5. Copy and paste your JAD Number and Secret Key in the required feilds

That's it!  You are ready to receive funds from your website to your JAD CASH account

JAD CASH is currently available in in the following countries:

Anguilla — Liberty Co-operative Credit Union
St Kitts & Nevis — JAD CASH

JAD for the time been is limited to the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union. United States Dollars will be available soon.

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